Sunday, 24 August 2014

Last Daze of Disco

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Cora Keegan for Stoned Immaculate Vintage, 'Last Daze of Disco' 
photographed by Aaron Feaver
styled by Chloe Chippendale

Sooo much love for this absolute 70's dream of a look book from Chloe Chippendale- the creator of Sugarhigh Lovestoned- for her new online vintage store Stoned Immaculate Vintage.  

The below captures the spirit of it better than I ever could so I'll leave you with these words taken from C-heads…

“The year is 1978, it’s Saturday night & we’ve got the fever. Take a trip back to the Summer of ’78 where roller babes & disco queens rule the City of Angels with chunky platforms, oversized sunnies, swimsuits & shag coats. They sleep in until noon & spend their days by the pool sipping over-embelshied cocktails. They wear rollerskates to work, jumpsuits to the disco & carry a polaroid camera with them everywhere to capture the moment. They watch sunsets from Mullholand, blast Diana Ross on the radio & dance on the roofs of cars in glamorous dresses. They feel most at home under the diamond glow of the disco ball, and when they’ve got the fever, it’s the only cure.”

images via Stoned Immaculate Vintage & C-heads 

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