Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Taylor Momsen for New Look

Taylor Momsen, who plays Jenny Humphrey; the resident wild child of Gossip Girl, is the latest celebrity to grace the New Look campaign. I'm more a fan of how she is styled in Gossip Girl than I am of her personal style, (although it's hard to tell which is which these days!) I think she tends to try a bit too hard some times at being a "rock chick" (God I hate that phrase! Makes me cringe!) and ends up looking like a Courtney Love wannabe. Although she does on occasion pull out some outfits that err on the right side of the grunge look. And I do like what I have heard of her music. She has a lot going on, and she seems very confident within herself for a girl so young and I admire that about her. But please Taylor, step away from the eyeliner...and the suspenders for that matter!

What do you think of Taylor in the New Look campaign? Does it make you want to shop the collection? I am quite tempted by that Breton stripe top myself...

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